Hair Cut

Hairpieces come from the factory uncut and un styled. You should take your new hairpiece to a stylist to have them cut it. It is best if they do it ON YOUR HEAD. We also provide in house service : hair cut, maintenance, coloring, re-attachment by weaving technique and etc.


Quite often we have people who ask us to cut a hairpiece for them. It is best if the piece is cut on your head. If you find it difficult to get someone to cut it, then return it to us, and we will cut it for a fee of RM$170 plus RM$12 for the return shipping. The cut should make it wearable. We leave it a little longish. It is better to be too long than too short. It certainly won't grow back. You need to tell us how long you want the hair to be, in inches, on the various parts of the head.

Sometimes we find that barbers or stylists who have never cut a hairpiece are more able to do it if we cut it first. They are just fine-tuning it, instead of making the radical initial cut.

You must understand that once a hairpiece is cut, it is not returnable under any conditions, even if we are the ones who cut it. If you have any complaints, they should be addressed before it is cut. We do not guarantee you will be satisfied with the cut, even though we feel that we do an excellent job.

The hair will be much more cooperative after it has been worn for a couple of weeks. It will also seem much less dense after it calms down. The second cutting will allow you to make it into a work of art/or fine tuning.

Other services :
A comfortable setting (private fitting rooms available)
• First time complimentary interactive consultation to determine the best wig /toupee/hair piece for your face and your lifestyle
• A choice of natural 100 % human hair or synthetic hair.
• Consultation, selection and ordering of custom wigs and colors.
• Custom hand-tied highlights, lowlights and professional cut that best resembles your own hair.
• Application of invisible hairline.
• Wig /toupee alterations to assure the most comfortable fit.
• Instruction on wig /toupee maintenance.
• Supplies for home wig/toupee care.
• Cleaning and maintenance services.
• Cutting and Styling

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