Base Design

The highest quality custom hand-made systems are manufactured with these soft feel foundations as illustrated below, and other types of any designs you provide will be perfectly duplicated or improved on.

Foundation features

  • Very comfortable & breathable
  • With or without scalloped front
  • Base material in a variety of colors
  • Soft, light weight, yet strong & durable
  • Made for any type of systems

The basic structure of an hairpiece can be broken down into the following components and customers can always mix and match the different variables within each component to create their ideal hairpiece:


For base we mean the material on which the hair of the hairpiece has been incorporated. Everyone has a different lifestyle and consequently there are several different types of bases:

Hairsetup offers you a choice of different materials:


Lace is the most undetectable material used in hair systems today as it virtually disappears into your scalp once placed onto your head.

SFS Super Fine Swiss Lace is the thinnest and most delicate lace available. Although it can be used as a base, it is more recommended for the front hairline.

#18 Swiss Lace is a little thicker than the SFS Super Fine Swiss and therefore more durable, but it still does disappear onto the scalp very well.

#64 French Lace is a good choice for the base as it is very durable and has good disappearing qualities on the front hairline as well.

Advantages Disadvantages
Most natural, breathable and comfortable Delicate material
Undetectable when glued properly onto the scalp Short lifespan of about 6 months

Lace is a neutral-colored woven material that is so fine that when placed against skin, it seems to disappear, creating the appearance that the hair is really growing right out of your scalp.

Extra Fine Swiss


Note how the French and Extra-Fine Swiss virtually disappear when pressed flush against the skin.

French Lace: For most people, especially new wearers, French Lace is your best choice. It is durable and quite invisible against skin. Also known as #64 lace.

Extra-Fine Swiss Lace: Extra-Fine Swiss Lace is even more invisible than French Lace. It is also more delicate and requires a bit more care. This is the best lace for an undetectable hairline.

Extra Fine Swiss Lace

NEW - For men 55 years and older! Density THIN, without seeing any knots!

Our newest Hair System! It is made of a single layer of a new, soft monofilament base, to make it as thin and undetectable as possible! This makes it possible for the base to shape and adjust to the contour of each individual head.
Remember: When a man gets older, his hair density should get thinner, not fuller like a 20 year old
Each hair is single-hair hand-knotted. This system can be delivered within 5 week or  less!

Density : Extra Light

Ventilation : Bleached, single knots

Standing Order : Full Lace - 6 months to 8 months - disposables


Thinskin is a very thin skin-like material that can be used as a base and for the front hairline, and looks very natural when hair is injected into it.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easier maintenance when used with tapes and strong adhesives Less breathable than lace
Natural front hairline Less natural than lace in the front hairline
Longer life span (8-12 months) Cannot accept hair density of over 85%


Polyskin is a thin permeable skin-like material which is thicker and more durable than Thinskin and can therefore be used for heavier hair densities. It looks very natural with hair Injected and knotted into it but is easier to detect to the touch than Thinskin.

Advantages Disadvantages
Easier maintenance when used with tapes and strong adhesives Less breathable than lace
Accepts heavier hair densities More detectable to the touch than Thinskin
Ideal for extended wear Less natural than Thinskin in the front hairline
Longest life span (1-2 years)  

Fine Monofilament

Fine monofilament bases are similar to lace bases but is stronger and more durable than lace.

Advantages Disadvantages
Very breathable Less natural to the touch than lace
Accepts heavier hair densities Less durable than Polyskin
Good Life span (1 year) Less natural than lace in the front hairline
Hair knots don't need to be bleached  


Monofilament is a good base choice for a higher-density system. It is stiffer than lace and holds its shape very well. You cannot use Mono for an exposed hairline, but you can add a lace front onto a Mono base.

Super fine monofiliment top (90% density shown)

Possible Combinations

Other than constructing your base out of one single material, you can opt to further customise your HairSetup system with any of these combinations:

Lace in the front and in the base + Thinskin around sides and back:

Advantages Disadvantages
Tapes and stronger adhesives can be used on the Thinskin Thinskin is more detectable to the touch than lace

Lace in the front + Thinskin in the base:

Advantages Disadvantages
Natural front hairline Thinskin is less breathable than lace and cannot accept hair density of over 85%
Easier maintenance when used with tapes and strong adhesives  

Lace in the front + Polyskin in the base:

Advantages Disadvantages
Natural front hairline Polyskin is less breathable than Thinskin and more detectable to the touch
Easier maintenance when used with tapes and strong adhesives  
More durable than lace or Thinskin  
  • Base material colors: clear, flesh, pink, black, brown, light reddish brown, yellow or any other color you prefer.
  • Custom-made to your hair color, highlight and % gray content.

Men's Toupees:Many designs are available. Just give us a call or email if you have any question.
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