Hairsetup Vs Competitors

Look twenty years younger.
Take pride in your appearance.Take control.
Gain self-confidence and self-esteem.
It's time for the fine art of hair replacement

Why our Clients love to work with us ?

We provide hair replacement systems of such quality, at such prices and on such attractive delivery terms that our service is recognized as offering the best value for hair replacement in Malaysia.

When you visit us for a free consultation, we are completely transparent in what we can do for you. We don’t make empty promises. We invite you to see our hair sample, to feel and touch the texture of the hair piece. Ask us anything you wish to find out more about our products, whether it is regarding their quality, care, or construction. We are unlike other hair salons, hair clubs and hair treatment centers that are not transparent in what they offer. At those establishments, clients typically pay a deposit upfront or sign a contract even before they even get to see the hair sample. We at HairSetup are different!

Regardless of whether or not you finally decide to buy our product, you are still our valued customer. We encourage our clients to shop around and compare what our competitors offer. Remember, buying from us is like buying direct from the factory price-wise.

Affordability and Quality

If you currently use a hairpiece, you will know that a basic customized hairpiece typically costs around RM4000, with prices rising above RM8000. At HairSetup, our customized hair systems start at an affordable RM1400 and above . All HairSetup systems use premium quality human hair or superior synthetics matched to a variety of base materials. You can customize a HairSetup system to meet your unique personal preference and needs. Find out how your customized HairSetup System complements your lifestyle. But don't just take our word for it...Shop around! Just remember to ask the right questions when you compare. (Call us to find out what questions to ask!) Remember also that affordability should never be at the expense of quality. HairSetup is where affordability and quality come together.

It’s simply because we run a small teams include myself and professional hairstylist that avoids high costs. We source our materials from the same factories overseas as the big-name companies do, but our special contacts and purchasing network allow us to keep our costs low. Moreover, the tremendous volume generated through our web marketing and client referrals enables us to enjoy further privileged pricing from our suppliers. We pass these savings on to you.

Most hair replacement businesses anywhere in the world operate from a physical location. That invariably means the overhead costs of rental and operations have to be priced into the hair systems they sell. When you buy your hair system from a club or studio, you’re actually buying from the middleman. Add in the costs of those fancy retail locations and expensive advertisements and you will understand why clients pay so much for their hairpieces. At HairSetup we keep our expenses low by avoiding costly expenses like TV or media advertising or operating from a fancy building. What we save, we pass directly to the savvy client. Our goal has always been to provide the best quality hair replacement systems affordable to all. Custom hairpieces need no longer be a luxury accessory item reserved only for the high-income earner!

We welcome you to visit us to discuss your requirements for a custom-made hair piece just for you.

I run this business with a small team of hairstylists under my personal supervision. Each hair system is individually designed according to the client’s preference and requirement. Unlike in the case with so many successful businesses, I do not believe in expanding my operation by opening many branches because quality will suffer as a result. In my business where fastidious care and the personal touch are prioritised, our dedicated team spares no effort in providing professional and individual attention to every client.

We do not just sell hairpieces. As an important part of our service, we also explain and advise. Very often, our clients are not fully aware what hair systems are best suited for them. We recommend hair systems design according to the age of the client. With older clients, for example, the hair system selected should be one that is less dense, and blended with some white hair. As for clients aged between 19-35, we custom-design hair systems with a modern look that is in keeping with contemporary fashion and taste. While we can place special orders with our suppliers for clients according to their requirements, we also have a wide range of hairpieces in stock to match different head sizes for same day fittings.

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