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Male Wig Stand Storage Box

Description :Place your wig/ toupee inside storage box .This is a great plastic travel wig box for home, on the road or travelling aboard.

Package Weight: 0.3kg (0.661lb.)

Package Size: 20cm x 15cm x 10cm (7.87in x 5.91in x 3.94in)

Price : RM$95 / US$29

Styrofoam Head With Face

The Styrofoam Head With Face holds wigs and other hair pieces for added protection while not in use.

  • • Allows for styling practice
  • • Face gives better idea of how styles should look
  • • Lightweight
  • • P10 Inch size

The Styrofoam Head with Face is great for storage of styled wigs or hairpieces. Also great for styling practice.

Available colors :White and Gold only

Price : RM60

Man's Hairpiece Stand


Attachment Products and Kits

Attachments products include everything from double sided medical adhesives, liquid adhesives and clips to permanent attachment and wig stand.

Wig Hair Spray

Non-Oily, Non-Stick, No Rinse, Moisturizing, Ultra-light, Crystal Clear, Long Lasting Styling Spray for wigs, toupee and other hair pieces.


Hair Spray for wigs - Hold your wig’s style longer with our Hairsetup Conditioning Spray, specially formulated for wigs, toupees and other hair pieces to give them a natural looking hold. Your wig’s style will last, even in humid weather, without flaking or any sticky build-up. It works excellent for all natural hair and synthetic wigs. It’s water soluble and washes out easily with shampoo.

Specially designed for toupee, wig, and other hair pieces.


To style the hair, first spray the wig with water. Then comb it using a wide-tooth comb. Finally, use this conditioning spray to hold the style.

Hair style will stay in shape all day, looks natural, shining, and moisturizing.

RM22- 250 ml.

2 oz. Invisi-Bond with Yorker Spout

"Invisi-Bond" is waterproof, latex-free, non-flammable, non-combustible, virtually odorless and very aggressive. It is the perfect skin-safe liquid adhesive. It will provide a long-lasting hold and remain completely flexible.

Invisi-Bond provides a long-term hold, comfortably and safely. Our Invisi-Bond is so safe it is used by the government of Sweden to archive their historical documents. Use Invisi-Bond for applying attachments to the skin, or for scrapbooking.

Invisi-Bond for the traveler - new convenient size to slip into a briefcase or purse for the client on the go!


Lace Release Spray 4 oz. Bottle

Spray lace release solution over the area of lace or mesh you wish to remove. Wait for 1 minute. Then, gently lift hair system away from head. And the tape and residue are released, avoiding messy cleanup & tape residue in the lace or mesh. WALKER LACE RELEASE Releases Adhesive or Tape From Lace/Mesh Bases 4 oz. Spray Lace Release is not oily and is recommended for use with lace or mesh bases and works by releasing the adhesive or tape from the hair unit. It reduces the chance of damaging the lace or mesh front and when used properly, most of the adhesive will release from the system and remain on your scalp. This Lace Release is 4 ounces in a clear plastic bottle (6' tall) with pump sprayer.


Apply this solution over the area where you want to remove hair system; wait one minute then gently lift system away from scalp. If any adhesive or tape residue remains, use C-22 Citrus-Based Solvent to gently remove residue from unit, as well as scalp.


PURE Citru-spice TM
Adhesive Residue Remover-4oz

Gentle on fragile materials, yet especially tough on the hardest adhesive residue - remove all soft bonds, (including Invisi-Bond) and adhesive tape residue with PURE Citru-spice. Infused with all natural orange oil, PURE Citru-spice quickly penetrates the heaviest residue build-up. Using gentle and all-natural active ingredients, PURE Citru-spice leaves behind a mild, fresh-smelling orange fragrance. Simply mist onto scalp to remove adhesive residue and wipe clean using cotton or Sponge (item below).


Adhesive Remover -4oz

Gentle on skin and fragile materials (including delicate laces), yet tough on adhesive residue, PURE comes in both a 4 oz. PURE has a gentle musk aroma that will not aggravate the senses. Hairstylists that have had sensitivity to removers that are sold by our competitors have used our PURE as an alternative and have experienced no adverse effects. Simply moisten a cotton ball or clean cloth dampened with PURE, wipe clean.



To wipe off adhesive residue in base and scalp . Use adhesive remover in base and clean with this sponge.


Max Hold Sport™
This product will extend the life of any tape or glue we sell. It’s the ultimate skin prep product.

Normally a client would have to wait 24 hours after service to shower or workout, but not with Max Hold Sport. Client can get active right after their install and get a longer hold time than they ever have!

You will have longer hold times and happier with this one simple product.


NEW! Stop ShineTM
Apply adhesive tape or glue to scalp, as usual. Shake STOP Shine bottle well. Dab STOP Shine directly onto top surface of adhesive tape or glue, then rub vigorously over entire shiny surface. until STOP Shine starts to dry. When STOP Shine is dry--it dries "tacky", press wig base or hairpiece base onto "dulled" adhesive surface.

STOP Shine can also be used to refresh the hold on worn tapes or glues between fittings.


Red-e: 1/2" x 36 yards
Red Tape is a great solution for those of you that prefer a shorter bond. Red Tape h- D

Hold: 1-3 days


Supertape 3/4"x12 Yard Tape Roll
Weft tape for hair extensions

Apply wefted hair extensions with this super tape. It holds wefts onto your hair.

Just simply cut a strip of the super tape and apply it on the weft, then apply the taped side onto the root of your hair. Apply another wefted hair extensions underneath and sandwich your hair. Your hair is in between two taped wefts. It lasts through washes and styles.

Hold: 4 to 6 weeks


Air-FlexTM Rolls and Mini-contours

Our Air-FlexTM rolls are now processed into 3 different lengths: 5-yards, 15-yards and 30-yards. All are 3/4' wide and special processing is used which allows for the skin to breathe.

Currently in stock 3/4 x 5 yards

Hold: 4 to 6 weeks


Blue 3/4" x 3 Yard Tape Roll
Similar to Blue Lace Tape, Blue Tape has a 2-3 week bond time. Blue lace tape is clear in appearance, and does not leave a shine. Very strong bonding and last longer even while in steam bath, jogging and etc.

Attachment time varies from one individual to another, the more oily the skin the shorter the hold time... Skin shield (scalp protector) can help with this; individual results will vary.

Hold: 2 to 3 weeks

RM 35

Blue - 3/x 36 Yard Tape Roll


Medical Double Sided Tape

25m x 25mm roll of specialist Wig / Toupee tape Attaches to inside of Toupee / Wig to resist movement Holds firm against your head to help avoid 'gapping' Double Sided, Transparent, Deluxe Medical Quality Wig / Toupee Fixing Tape This product has a wide range of uses including:-

  • • Secure Strapless Tops
  • • Secure revealing necklines
  • • Toupee / Wig Tape (Prevent gapping and movement)
  • • Eliminate gaping
  • • Enhance cleavage
  • • Hide bra straps
  • • Affix body jewels
  • • Fast hem fixing

To name but a few..
Recommended for sensitive skin.


Pieces Per Bag 36 Strips
(Lace Front Support Tape Blue Liner)
LACE FRONT SUPPORT BLUE LINER ADHESIVE TAPE 36 Pieces per.Pack Contour "CC" Hairpiece Tapes

LACE FRONT SUPPORT BLUE LINER ADHESIVE TAPE Strong Hold for Lace and Extended Wear and Swimming 1 - 2 Week Hold 36 Pc Packs Contour "CC" Tapes.


Comb Clips
Comb Clips come in small, medium, and large sizes in packages of 6. They provide a strong hold ...


Wig Stand
This is a great plastic travel wig stand for home or on the road. It disassembles in 2 pieces, lying flat for easy mobility. Use to store wig or to air dry after washing.

Helps to preserve wig style; prevents stretching and provides airflow.


Men Stocking Cap
Breathable-Sport Fabric-Fit all head size and will last long time.

Available color:Black.


Wig Cap
Ventilated Wig Cap ideal to protect your hair before putting on your Full Wig.

Also used as sleeping cap to protect your wig.

Helps to protect your hair by acting as a barrier between the wig and your own natural hair or scalp.

Stretch Fabric, Control Wig without pin and cool mesh.

Net Caps is available in black.


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