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Find out how we achieve both affordability and quality




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About Us

Why our Clients love to work with us

We provide hair replacement systems of such quality at such prices and at such delivery terms that we are recognized as one of the best values in Malaysia.

When you visit us for free consultation, we are transparent. We allow client to see hair sample, to feel and touch the texture of the hair piece, quality, base or anything clients wish to find out about our products. Unlike other hair salons, hair club and hair treatment center, they are not transparent. Client required to deposit upfront or sign contract before seeing hair sample and others. We at HAIRSETUP do not practice such.

Whether you buy our product or not, we still serve you as value customer. We encourage client shop around and compare what our competitors prices. Remember, buying from us is like buying factory direct price.

Affordability and Quality

If you currently use hairpieces, you will know that a basic customized hairpiece typically costs above RM8000 or RM4000. At HairSetup, our customized hair systems are priced at an affordable RM1900 onwards.

All HairSetup systems use premium quality human hair or synthetic, and with the variety of base materials and options we offer, you can customize a HairSetup system to uniquely meet your needs and complement your lifestyle. Find out about HairSetup Systems.

But don’t just take our word for it…Shop around! Just remember, ask the right questions and compare…Affordability should not be at the expense of quality!

Why Hairsetup price is much lower compare to others?

It simply because we run home base business without incurring high cost and we buy from the same overseas factories as the giant companies but selling through the mail allows us to keep our costs low or ; so we get to pass the savings on to you. We also welcome client to visit us for custom made hair piece. From our web marketing and client referrals, we are able to generate tremendous volume and like everything in the world, those business that can commit to the manufacturer receive fabulous pricing.

Most hair replacement businesses in Asia, or any other city across the world for that matter, operate from a physical location, which invariably means that the cost of rental and operations has to be priced into the hair systems they sell.

Buying your hair systems from a club or studio means you’re buying from the middleman. Plus those fancy retail locations and expensive advertisement to maintain, so they pass their high overhead costs on to you. At Hairsetup we keep our expenses low by avoiding costly expenses like TV or Media advertising and a fancy building. We pass these savings directly to the savvy buyer.

Our goal has always been to provide the best quality hair replacement systems at an affordable cost to everyone, from lower income to higher income!

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